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    In order to enter the chat room, you must be at least an associate of the guild.
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    We are recruiting new members. 
    Please visit our Guild Page on Seventh Dragon for information on how to apply.

    Please read through our Guild Introduction
    on our Guild Page prior to applying.

    We are dedicated to helping our members
    reach their goals and grow.

    We are a friendly, outgoing and we prefer
    members who are willing to sacrifice for the good
    of everyone!
    Guild Rules
    Our Guild's Rule are simple and straightforward and we believe that they will benefit each member and our allies so that we may grow and our members and allies may rely on us and trust the sound judgment of Guild leaders and members. Breach of our Guild's Rules by officers, members, allies or friends may result in corrective action.

    Guild Rules

       1. Cooperation and goodwill between Guild members is encouraged
       2. Treat everyone with respect and don't attack members or our allies
       3. Avoid unnecessarily attacking non-allies and non-guild members unless provoked or for good reason (such as inactivity)
       4. Guild members will respect the decisions of the MYTH's Council at all times
       5. Directions from Council members and officers on our forum and in Guild activities take precedence
       6. The Guildmaster and Council agree to respect Guild members and listen to their concerns and questions
       7. Poor behavior on the part of the Guildmaster, Council members and officers will not be tolerated.
       8. Guild members agree to report any poor behavior towards individuals to the the Guildmaster including the Guildmaster's (hopefully he won't be behaving badly but call him on it if he is) so corrective action can be taken;
       9. Drama of any kind is not permitted. If you have issue with a member take it to them first and then to a officer if necessary. Bad mouthing or talking ill of members of the Guild in chat or on our forums is strictly PROHIBITED.
      10. Foul or obscene language is strictly prohibited in the forums or chat rooms

    These rules may be updated from time to time so make sure you have read them and understand them.
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